Thursday, July 11, 2013

Storage Closet Organization

So I have been on an organizing kick since last September.  Let me tell you, it's still a work in progress.  I started off with my kitchen, and I am slowing moving room to room. Our house does not have a lot of storage so I had to come up with an idea to make this work.  What I have found that works for me, if I purchase something new something old must leave, that way I don't create an overflow, if you know what I mean.  It has definitely been a challenge for me.

My inspiration came from Organizedjen and iHeart Organizing. OMG! Both of these ladies are so AMAZING when it comes to organizing.  Love love love them! Make sure to visit their blogs for inspiration and lots of good information on products they love as well.

Okay, so here is the final storage closet done.  I had everything everywhere, it was crazy! Now I have room to grow and I am super excited.   The plastic containers are from the Container Store (my favorite store of all time).

Below are the different size storage boxes that are sold at the Container Store.

So happy that is done, moving on to the next project which is the Laundry Room. This is going to be a challenge for me.  I will make sure to take before and after pictures on this project. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and staying cool!  Until next time! Take care. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Polish - Haul

So I have been into polishes lately and I have to say, this can be very addicting.  In the last month I have purchased about 10 to 12 polishes, this is not normal for me.  In the past I have always had acrylic nails, so manicures was not part of my routine. About a year ago I decided to take off my acrylics and my nails were a MESS! They were really really terrible.  My nails were paper thin. They were peeling and would not grow.

I turned to youtube for help and found some amazing products that worked. I ended up purchasing most of the products that were recommended, which by the way, helped me tremendously. I am definitely a believer in these products. It's been about a year and a couple of months, and I am happy to report that my nails are doing so much better, about 80% better. Woo hoo!

List of products I used and still using:

1. Nail Envy (OPI)
2. Crystal Nail File
3. Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover (love it)
4. Lemon Flutter (Lush)
6. Hand Food Lotion (Sephora) love love love this lotion
7. Calcium Oil (no brand name)

And now for the polish haul:

OPI Nail Polish

 Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Aphrodites pink Nightie, Pink Yet Lavender

Zoya Nail Polish

Julie, Yana, Neely

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Soul Mate, Secret Admirer, Cinderella

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Breezy Blue, Blue It, Strobe Light, Mint Sorbet


Hope you enjoyed my polish haul, can't wait to use them.  Until next time, bye now!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Invitation

Hello Friends:

I thought I would be posting a lot more, but I can't seem to get into the groove.  I am going to definitely give it a shot this month.  Lets see how well I do.  Lots happening, been organizing like crazy.  I am doing one room at a time, so I don't get burned out, so far so good. I am hoping to post some pictures soon.

The reason for this post is to show you guys the invitation that a family member asked me to do.  I think it came out pretty cool.  The party is for a baby boy turning 1 and it is a "knight and princess" theme party.

The family has a "family crest", so I was happy to use it on the invitation. It really goes great with the theme.

The invitation was created in Photoshop Elements. The invitation measures 4 1/4 x 11. This will be rolled up and tied with a ribbon.  I think that is the plan. I will definitely post the final look.

Hope you are all have a great summer so far, mine has been super hot and I am hoping it cools down a bit soon!

Until next time, bye now!