Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridal Shower Game (Craft Wars)

Hi Everyone:

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics.  This is definitely one of my favorite pass times, when it's on.  I really get into it.  My neighbors think I'm a CRAZY girl.  This pass Friday was Kim's Bridal Shower at our favorite store Treasured Memories. The theme was scrapbooking, of course! I decided to bring Craft Wars to the Bridal Shower and it was FUN.  They had to create a dress they would be wearing to the Wedding, with the supplies provided (tissue, ribbon, foil, flowers and mesh).  Here is what they came up with:

 Win of the Craft Wars - she made a necklace and a two-tone bow in the back.
(Sorry for the bad picture)

Until next time, be happy and healthy!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Homemade Flowers

Hi Everyone:

Short and sweet post today. Here are some of the flowers I made over this past weekend.  I had a lots of fun doing them.  You can find the tutorials to make these flowers from Luvleescrappin (Leanne) and MyPassionforPaper (Leonie) and there youtube channel.

Thank you for stopping by.  Be happy and healthy!!! See you next time.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Box Pleaded Ribbon

Hi Everyone:

OMG!!! My fourth post of the week.  I am on a roll!!!! Now let's see if I can keep this up, probably not! This will be a short and sweet post.

So last night I created my own box pleaded ribbon, woo hoo!!! I watched two videos on youtube (luvleescrappin and mypassionforpaper) to learn this technique, pretty easy.

Here are some of the pictures of my box pleaded ribbon.

Black and Pink Satin Box Pleaded Ribbons

Black Satin Ribbon with a strip of Black Ribbon, and Black Rina Bling

Pink Satin Box Pleaded Trim, with Sheer Ribbon and Pearl Trim

Until next time! Be happy and healthy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tag (LuvLeeScrappin) & Flowers

Hey Now:

Third post this week!!!! Are you amazed, because I am.  So let me give you the background first on the latest crave.  Last November, we were EXTREMELY slow at work and I started searching for 'shabby chic projects".  I have always loved the look as well as the use of colors (pinks, mint greens, light blues, etc. I have always been intimidated to create a shabby chic/vintage project.

While searching I found 5 ladies that do an AMAZING job on shabby chic/vintage projects.  Here are the links to their blogs and youtube channel names:

Arlene - Butterfly Kisses Designs - youtube channel name: mybutterflykisses12
Bona -  Keep On Scrappin - youtube channel name: livelovescrap
Juliana - I Luv Vintage Scrap - youtube channel name: ILuvVintageScrap
Leanne - Luv Lee Scrappin - youtube channel name: luvleescrappin
Leonie - My Passion for Paper - youtube channel name: MyPassionForPaper

I am pretty sure most of you already follow them, but wanted to provide the information just in case.

I know there are probably more craftanistas out there that create this type of projects, but these are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES, love love love them!  I am really starting to sound like a stalker, not good! LOL! 

So Leanne from Luvleescrappin did an auction of her projects and I won the TAG, I was super happy and seriously doing a Happy Dance.  Her work is AMAZING, I love it.

I received my package yesterday and below are some pictures for you to see.  All I can say is OMG the pictures DO NOT due it justice.  It is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.  I love it, so much I actualy cried.  I know... I know, but I did.

Front of the Tag! Wow!

Look at the Dress Form she created a skirt out of ribbon, a belt out of ribbon and pearl trim, and the necklace kills me. Double WOW!!

The hand mirror OMG!! Such details!!

The flowers (beautiful) and I believe she paint the bottom lace brown, it came out fabulous!

And of course the back is finished beautifully!

Please go and check out her work on her blog as well as her youtube videos, super talented!

I must confess, because of Leanne and Leonie, I was inspired to do the flowers below, and I have to say it was fun! I am so happy with the results.  Thank you Leanne and Leonie for sharing and teaching us how do create this beautiful flowers. 

I added sticklers to it (saw it on one Leonie's videos)

You basically go from pedals to a beautiful flower!

My next project will be creating my own box pleaded ribbon!  Wish me luck!

Please check out Leanne's and Leonie's videos on how to create your own box pleaded ribbon.

Until next time!!! Be happy and healthy!

Mini Wallet Album

Hey Everyone:

Second post of the week, woo hoo!!! I wanted to show you my unfinished  "mini wallet album" that I learned how to create from one of the Stampin' Up demonstrator, as well as some youtubers out there.  Don't want to leave anyone out!! I know there are a lot of craftanistas out there that have created this album.  So, thank you very much for sharing!!

I had fun creating this album.  Once you get the measurements down as well as all the scoring, this album goes fast.  Below are some of the picture of the mini album. I still need to finish decorating it. :)

Front Cover


Leftside Flap

Rightside Flap

Middle Flap

Back Flap

I will be posting some of the flowers I made over the weekend tomorrow. Until next time, be happy and health!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coloring with Promarkers

Hey Everyone:

I know it's been like FOREVER!!! I have no excuse, but I will say this, I am SUPER excited that life as I know it is ALMOST back to normal.  It's been a hard 7 months for me, but I think it's all coming to an end and I can't be any happier.  Okay, enough of that!!!!

Last year I was really hoping to purchase some Copic Markers, but I was under a budget, so I went ahead and purchased Promarkers.  I first saw these on youtube (Robyn from "Injoystampin") and thought I would try them.  I purchased a few at a time and I am almost done.  Most of my purchases were done from  http://www.scrapbookpal.com/letraset-promarkers/ great service and reasonally priced. 

Below are some of my samples using the Neenah cardstock. I have been coloring A LOT with them. You will notice that Promarkers tend to bleed with the Neenah cardstock.  I definitely got better and better as I practiced.  I asked Robyn what she used on her projects and she recommended I use Cryogen White Cardstock and I have to say it works BEAUTIFULLY no bleeding.

I am definitely having A LOT of fun playing with my Promarkers.  I want to thank Robyn from Injoystampin for helping me.  Please go visit her youtube channel, she does amazing work! 

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer!  Until next time!!!