Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Princess Card

Hello Everyone:

Happy Tuesday! I made this card for Dahlia, she is super cute and has the best "sayings".  I was thinking of her when I made this card.  I saw this card and I had to remake it.  Super cute.  I saw this card from Mary Cardz TV.  Love her!

My Pink Stamper Stamp Set


OMG! Where did I get her from.  I can't remember right now. I have been working on my taxes.  Okay, I promise tomorrow I will list all of the cartridges and/or My Pink Stamper stamp sets.  Wait, I just remembered, Baby Steps Cartridge.  I am still going to make a list for you guys. I promise!  I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping by!

Crafty Sassy Marta

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