Saturday, July 3, 2010

Setting Up My Blog

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting my new Blog. Oh my! I have been working on my blog all day and I am not even finished, but it will due for now. My blog will have a new look sometime this year or early 2011. I am on a waiting list to have it done. Hopefully you will all stick around until then.

I am looking forward to sharing my creations as well as my life experiences with you all on this blog. I have big plans, okay a plan. I am going to try to includes videos, and pictures. I am hoping this Blog will help me/force me to stay on schedule with my hobby.

I am also hoping to share my likes and dislikes about products, and whatever pops into my head that I think you would like to know.

Well, I am off to visit Treasured Memories to purchase some embellishments for tomorrow's 4th of July party.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I get to be first..the blog looks fantastic! I can't to see what you come up with here! hugs to you my friend!

yvonne, you LOM sistah

Anonymous said...

Hey Marta-
Congrats on the new blog... hope to see you soon! Marcy :)

dawnaclark said...

Hiya! So happy for you! Looks great already!
Love u!